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  • Los Reyes del Tango tipical orchestra was founded in June 1992 and has since then kept on following the unique music style of the late maestro Juan D’arienzo from the golden era of tango. Here we are talking about tango music of the late century in the decades of the 40’s and 50’s.

The orchestra became a part of the stable show at the international La Ventana Restaurant, in the San Telmo quarter in the city of Buenos Aires. In 1995 the orchestra was called upon by the renown EPSA Music label to record its debut CD.

In 1996 the Orchestra toured the Latin American continent. Since 1999 Los Reyes del Tango has played tango music in concerts at the International Congress of Argentinian Tango (C.I.T.A), which takes place in Buenos Aires, being the public’s favourite. Los Reyes del Tango has enjoyed success at the best milongas of Buenos Aires. They blend with the audience in a way that they are one of the most appreciated orchestras in the milonga circle, in venues like the Torquato Tasso Cultural Centre, La Estrella, Nino Bien, La Viruta, La Trastienda etc.

Since June 1999, the orchestra has taken part in the tango music festival organized by the city of Buenos Aires. Of all the orchestras taking part in the event, Los Reyes del Tango were ones that got excellent reviews from leading newspapers in Argentina like Clarin, Nacion and Cronica.


Luciano Rafael Orive (Bandoneon):

Born in Buenos Aires, June 20th 1945. Luciano has studied music with the Maestro Eladio Blanco. He has also been a musician in the orchestras of Juan Sanchez Gorio, Jose Basso, and the combos that played along the singers Enrique Dumas, Claudia Mores, Guillermo Fernandez and Juan Carlos Granelli.

Anibal Cauda (Bandoneon):

Born in Chacabuco, Buenos Aires on May 28th 1940. Anibal has his music studies at his city of birth. He has been a musician with the orchestras of Hector Marcelletti, Hector De Esposito, Jorge Caldara, Roberto Calo and Losy Reyes del Compas. He has also played for the singer Rodolfo Lesica.

Fausto Mario Danesi (Bandoneon):

Born in Buenos Aires on August 1st 1936. Fausto studied music has studied music under Professor Felix Cordisco. He has worked as a staff musician of various orchestras like that of Angel Nodar, Alberto Castel, Eduardo Rovira, Osvaldo Manzi, Los Pricipes del Tango and Ernesto Franco. Anibal has also been the director of the Sexteto Tipico “Chique”
Tango Music Argentina Buenos Aires.
Angel Berrocoso (Violin):

From Bueno Aires and born on Nov. 24th, 1938. Angel has studied music with the Maestros Alfredo Rossi, Alberto Davila, Carlos Grillo and Sebastian Cambom. He was a member of the Orchestra Metropolitana de Tango directed by Nestor Marconi, the orchestra of Ernesto Franco and the quintet of Tito Ferrari.

Alberto Gancedo (Violin):

Born in Buenos Aires, August 26th, 1932 and studied music with a string of Maestros including Bruno Bandini, Humberto Carfi, Sebastian Piana and Catulo Castillo. He took part in other orchestras such as the Sinfonica del Plata, Sinfonica Universitaria, La Manzana de las Luces and Los Solostas de Buenos Aires. Alberto has also been a member of groups like Armando Iglesias, Oscar De la Fuente, Osvaldo Marquez, Simbolo Alfredo De Angelis, Cuarteto del Centanario, Los Dandys del Compas, Hector Vernier, Gigi Di Angelis, and Gente de Tango.

Armando Solari (Violin):

Born in Rojas, Buenos Aires, in 1933. Studied music with the Maestro Domingo Mattio. He was a staff musician of the orchestras of Las Voces de Buenos Aires, Ernesto Franco and Tito Ferrari’ s orchestra.

Tango musicians from Buenos Aires. Los Reyes del Tango.

Oscar Enzetti (Piano):

Oscar was born in Buenos Aires, August 28th 1938. Has studied music at the Conservatorio “De Andrea”. He was a member of orchestras like Los Diablos Rojos, Oscar del Mar, Bernadino Ramos. He played for the singers Hector Maure, Mario Bustos, Alfredo Belisssi, Armando Laborde, Roberto Rufino, Enrique Dumas, Carlos Acuna, Juan Carlos Cobos, Elba Beron, Nelly Vazquez, Maria Grana, Angel Cardena, Floreal Ruez, Raul Beron, Daniel Cortes, Maria Garay, Alberto Castillo, Jorge Valdes, Alberto Podesta, Luis Mendoza, Oscar Ferrari, Jorge Sobral, Jorge,Vidal, Tito Reyes, Argentino Ledesma, Alberto Marino, Alberto Moran and others.

Ricardo Sanchez (Contrabajo):

Born in Pellegrini, Bueno Aires, October 26th 1937. Ricardo has studied music with the Maestro Rafael Del Hoyo. He has been a member of the musical groups of Raul Parentellla, Osvaldo Requena, Juan Carlos Bera, Nestor Marconi, Quinteto Perincho directed by Oscar Bassil, Hector Varela, Noberto Ramos and Orquesta Juan D’arienzo. He has also played for singers like Hugo Del Carril, Floreal Ruiz, Alberto Marino, Miguel Montero, Enriquew Dumas, Claudia Mores, Nestor Fabian, Virgnia Luque, Nelly Vazquez and Raul Lavie, among others.

Victor Solari (Bandoneon):

Born in Rojas, Buenos Aires in 1933. Victor studied music with the Maestros Pedro Banfi, Daniel Binelli and Domingo Mattio. He has taken part as a musician in orchestra such as that of Pedro Banfi and Juan Manuel Casco. Victor has also had his own orchestra, Las Voces de Buenos Aires as well as played for Tito Ferrari orchestra.