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La Rubia is the product of a deep investigation, study and love for Tango. Her knowledge and intimate relationship with the music enabled her to develop a personal style, a unique sound. This is „La Rubia“. The activity as pure DJ was realized in her work „Las Chirusas“, in her home city -Rosario.
In almost 80 towns and 16 countries all over the world, from Argentina to Europe, people have danced with her music.
Not only Analia Del Giglio (La Rubia) is invited to the principal festivals and events of the main stream, but her work is also very appreciated as part of the regular scene. Also she gives exquisites workshops about your job, the history and cultura of Tango.
In 2013 her signature will be imprinted in Istambul, Belgrado, Oslo, Copenhagen, Nijmegen, Wuppertal, Berlin, Praga, Innsbruck, Hamburgo, Zurich, Porec, Ibiza, Londres, Edinburgo, Brusellas, Salerno, Kaliakria, Lisboa, Fivizzano, “our Erfurt” as well as in Taiwan, here among others they are looking for “puro tango argentino”.