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Ismael Ludman was born in Patagonia Argentina in the year 1977. When he was 17 he moved to Buenos Aires where tango was getting deeper and closer in his life.

His education to become a Tango dancer includes a diverse range of schools and stiles of Buenos Aires Tango. An education that was shared with other disciplines as Dance-Theatre, Contact Improvisation and Euthonia.

He has been part of, as a teacher and performer, in international Tango festivals in Argentina, Germany, Holland, Spain, The Czech Republic, France, England, Poland, Italy and Turkey. Beside that he has brought his work as a teacher in almost all the European countries and the middle east as in very important Tango schools of Buenos Aires.

His vision has taken him from the folkloric essence of Argentine Tango towards a more universal and even spiritual approach where the woman/man dance meeting, focus in the communication and balance, is the center.

He has gain an important reputation because of his skills as a teacher and his very personal way of moving into the Tango dance.

Nowadays he is the concept creator and co-organizer of Ibiza Tango Love, where Tango meets with Tai-chi, Contact Improvisation and Tantra.