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It looks out to the world of dance for couples age ‘ of 10 years with the

STANDARD DANCES and Latin ; studied for years with world-renowned masters
and won numerous titles at the regional and national levels; still very
young , becomes a teacher in these disciplines. All-round artist , also
studies ballet and jazz , acting and singing .
In 2007, a passion and began studying Argentine tango.. Along
with studying in Buenos Aires by Great Masters of Tango , JorgeDispari ,
Fabian Peralta , javier Rodriguez , among others.
His style that harks back to the traditional tango , is characterized by
elegance, strength and character.
His educational background , his passion for tango and his charisma make
him an esteemed teacher which now boasts one of the most important schools
of Rome.
Present competitions Italian , European and world in recent years, the
Italian title win in 2013 and the final in both categories at the World Cup
in Buenos Aires.
Following his studies and his research , both as a dancer and as a teacher.