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” Entertainment & Satisfaction is guaranteed! ”

Eray started his dance carrier in 1993 at METU Ballroom Dance Club and he went on to teach and organize events in Ballroom Dancing until 1999. He was first introduced to tango in 2000, when he met Metin Yazir in Syracuse, New York. Eray and tango – it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Eray is a tango dancer, a tango teacher, a tango event organizer and a tango DJ! His ample DJing experience shows in every tanda he plays, in the way he feels the milonga dynamics, and in the beautiful music flow that he creates during the night. Eray is a skillful master of the dance energy on the floor, which rises and falls as his music progresses. Because of his skills as a DJ, he has been invited to play music in various tango events in Turkey and abroad – the Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, USA…[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]