DaySessionRoom 1Room 2
Friday13:30-14:45Vanessa Gauch
(EV5111 )

Women Tech
Friday15:00-16:15Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC4121 )

Secrets of our favorites secuences
Giampiero & Magdalena
(GM2122 )

Musicality: Close embrace steps and combinations for D’arienzo (El Rey del Compas)
Friday16:30-17:45Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC2131 )

Tight spaces! How to find our dance in a full Milonga! Secrets and tips to dance in peace with the rest of the people!
Esref & Vanessa

Spicy cortados: adding dynamic and boleos
Friday18:00-19:15Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC3141 )

Vals: Playing with the circularity of this amazing dance.
Diego & Aldana
(DA2142 )

Giros technique in closed embrace; use of the connection to generate different speeds.
Saturday12:00-13:15 Clarisa Aragon
(JC 5211 )

Women Tech
Jonathan Saavedra
(JC6212 )

Men Tech
Saturday13:30-14:45Diego & Aldana
(DA2221 )

Dephness of the lead and reception of women.
Esref & Vanessa

Connection for fluidity and creativity
Saturday15:00-16:15Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC2231 )

The milonga invites us to enjoy and play, and with this we can take advantage of its dynamics, variations and cadence. We are waiting for you to discover a new point of view of this genre!!
Giampiero & Magdalena

Special combinations for variations of the songs, figures chosen by Giampiero and Magdalena
Saturday16:30-17:45Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC1241 )

Musicality from the beginning! What to listen to in music. Search for the first pulses to learn and their combinations.
Diego & Aldana
(DA4242 )

Stage Tango lesson: Choreography
Saturday18:00-19:15Diego & Aldana
(DA3251 )

Sacadas class; technique and combinations
Giampiero & Magdalena

Strong steps for variation. Rock The floor (Highly Recomended)
Sunday12:00-13:15Aldana Silveyra
(DA5311 )

Women Tech
Diego Ortega
(DA6312 )

Men Tech
Sunday13:30-14:45Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC3321 )

Super Sacadas: For both roles. Complex sequences and different effects!
Diego & Aldana
(DA1322 )

Density when walking, axis of the couple.
Sunday15:00-16:15Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC2331 )

At full speed! Exercises to be more friends with speed. Sequences to help take our first steps in the variations!
Giampiero & Magdalena

Easy giros and enrosgues, it is time to start
Sunday16:30-17:45Jonathan & Clarisa
(JC3341 )

Ornaments? Various exercises and ideas to fill our dance with colors. For both roles.
Esref & Vanessa

Milonga con traspie, accents and double tempo in milonga lisa
Sunday18:00-19:15Diego & Aldana
(DA3351 )

Interpretation of music, movement search.
Esref & Vanessa

Giro, Sacada, Gancho sequence for variations.