DaySessionRoom 1Room 2
Thursday16:30-17:45Murat & Setenay
(MS4111 )

Colgadas: How to prepare, lead, weight distrubution and correcting the flow from top to bottom
Thursday18:00-19:15Javier & Fatima
(JF2121 )

Milonga: Milonga traspie, Javier and Fatima's favorite combinations
Juan & Manuela

Mighty Zeus ganchos and kicks. Powerful combinations for fun.
Thursday19:30-20:45Javier & Fatima
(JF3131 )

Milonga: Milonga traspie, Javier and Fatima's favorite combinations
Diego & Aldana
(DA2132 )

Giros technique in closed embrace; use of the connection to generate different speeds
Friday15:00-16:15Fatima Vitale
(JF5211 )

Women Tech
Javier Rodriguez
(JF6211 )

Men Tech
Friday16:30-17:45Murat & Setenay
(MS2221 )

Starting with a very simple combination (Ocho Cortado) and making it a difficult material by changing its dynamic, position and level
Giovanni & Francesca

Vals Cadenas: learning to play with the rhythm of the vals
Friday18:00-19:15Javier & Fatima
(JF2231 )

Improvastion: The use of free leg of the follower and the control by the leader
Diego & Aldana
(DA3232 )

Variations: Giros in open embrace, enrosques and variations of the structure
Friday19:30-20:45Javier & Fatima
(JF4241 )

Improvastion: The use of free leg of the follower and the control by the leader
Juan & Manuela

Starting to learn Giro and Enrosque: Intention, start and finish, decoding the structure
Saturday12:00-13:15 Manuela Rossi
(JM 5311 )

Women Tech
Juan Malizia
(JM6312 )

Men Tech
Saturday13:30-14:45 Juan & Manuela

Back sacada: Pivot and lead insights for energy control and coordination
Murat & Setenay
(MS1322 )

Volcadas for beginners: Preparation, lead-follow, position and how to be light during the combination
Saturday15:00-16:15Javier & Fatima
(JF1331 )

Walking and embrace, learn it from the best of the best
Giovanni & Francesca

Sacadas and ganchos: how to combine these two elements
Saturday16:30-17:45Javier & Fatima
(JF2341 )

How to look good: The embalishment of man and woman in Tango Salon
Diego & Aldana
(DA4342 )

Stage Tango lesson: Choreography
Saturday18:00-19:15Javier & Fatima
(JF3351 )

Tango Fantasy: What Javier and Fatima like in Tango, their favorite movements
Diego & Aldana
(DA1352 )

Different types of walk in close embrace with dissociation, using the body to lead and follow
Sunday12:00-13:15Aldana Silveyra
(DA5411 )

Women Tech
Diego Ortega
(DA6412 )

Men Tech
Sunday13:30-14:45Diego & Aldana
(DA2421 )

Sacadas class: The technique, change of weight, preparation and combinations at the end
Murat & Setenay
(MS3422 )

Milonga: Looking for a good embrace and playing with double tiempo
Sunday15:00-16:15Javier & Fatima
(JF3431 )

The technic of special closed embrace giros in Tango Salon Style
Juan & Manuela

Free leg Beginner: Understanding the connection of the free leg to the lead and coordination (preparation to leading and following of boleos and advance figures)
Sunday16:30-17:45Javier & Fatima
(JF7441 )

The technical details of a good and comfartable Posture and Connection
Juan & Manuela

Stage Sequence with mix elements, understanding the Stage attitudes