DaySessionRoom 1Room 2
Friday18:00-19:15 Corina Herrera(OC5111 )
Women Tech
Friday19:30-20:45 Carlitos & Agustina (CA 2121)
Milonga: Use of body tone to control movement and speed
Saturday12:00-13:15 Manuela Rossi (JM 5211 )
Women Tech
Juan Malizia (JM 6212 )
Men Tech
Saturday13:30-14:45 Octavio & Corina (OC 4222 )
Back Sacadas: Technical secrets to achieve it with quality and comfort
Saturday15:00-16:15 Carlitos & Agustina (CA 1231)
Connection: Axis, consciousness and perception in couples, points of contact
Juan & Manuela (JM 3232)
Out of axis: Colgadas and shared axis. Trust, momentum and fluidity
Saturday16:30-17:45 Octavio & Corina (OC 2242)
The Cadence: The first and most important connection between body and music. Basics rhythms and accents. Technical tips to achieve different qualities
Juan & Manuela (JM 3241 )
JM 3241 Variation: Speed and dynamic change, how to connect the body to concentrate the energy
Sunday12:00-13:15 Agustina Piaggio(CA 5311 )
Women Tech
Carlitos Espinoza(CA 6311 )
Men Tech
Sunday13:30-14:45 Juan & Manuela (JM 2321)
Lapices and Planeos for men and women, comfort and weight distribution
Octavio & Corina (OC 1322 )
Leading or Dancing: Using the own dance as a way to suggest movements and lead
Sunday15:00-16:15 Carlitos & Agustina ( CA 4331 )
Turns: Variations of the turn, changes of direction, sacadas
Juan & Manuela (JM 2332)
Sacadas: Backward options. Pivot and lead insights for energy control and coordination
Sunday16:30-17:45 Carlitos & Agustina (CA 3341 )
Vals: musicality, use of accelerations
Sunday18:00-19:15 Octavio & Corina(OC 3352)
Milonga: Rhythmic precision in the game