11th of March Wednesday Opening Night101 Class40
12th of March Thursday Night Milonga152 Classes70
13th of March Friday Night Milonga253 Classes90
14th of March Saturday Night Gala Milonga254 Classes105
15th of March Sunday Farewell Milonga155 Classes (1 Package)110
14th & 15 of March Daytime Milonga86 Classes130
3 Milongas Package607 Classes150
4 Milongas Package708 Classes170
5 Milongas Package809 Classes190

Transfer to all Milongas from the festival Hotel (Round Trip)551 Package(5)Classes + 3 Milonga160
Accomodation-Double Room in Festival Hotel43 (Per person per day)1 Package(5)Classes + 4 Milonga170
Accomodation-Single Room in Festival Hotel76 (Per day)1 Package(5)Classes + 5 Milonga180